Indoor vertical gardens

Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden or balcony. You can easily bring nature in your home with plants and flowers. Plants can be used to fill space, define a zone or create a focal point. As well, they help to purify indoor air through their natural photosynthesis processes.
This is Growing Rooms Top 3 vertical indoor gardens to bring green in your home or office.

Design at it’s best


The contemporary and environmentally conscious Vertical Garden, designed by Joost Bakker for Schiavello, has been developed to improve workplace performance and culture.
Extremely space efficient, Vertical Garden is a grid system that allows numerous potted plants to be arranged in freestanding columns or walls, dramatically transforming any space.
Infusing an industrial sculpture with living plants, Vertical Garden is an architectural highlight that creates a raw and organic feature for corporate, residential, retail, and hospitality environments.


In another version of this vertical garden Apex added pebbles to make the whole construction sturdier.

Geometric Steel


The geometric stand in steel with matte black powdercoat finish from Crate&Barrel adds an architectural effect to indoor or outdoor displays. Also striking for displaying art objects and curios.

Modular Breath


Based on the idea of creating “spaces to breathe in heavily polluted areas of China”, design collective Penda designed the interior of the Home Café in Bejing, China. With air pollution being a major issue in Chinese cities, Penda decided to create a café for visitors to take a deep breath of clean air. The structural grid offers a space, where various cubic elements can be implemented. Boxes of plants, books, and lights on different levels create various densities for the interior. By organizing the cubes, the modular system allows a flexible assembly for different occasions.

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