Insider tips for the garden planning

What you should consider before you start to plan your garden

Houzz Australia has a great article on Insider Tips to Sidestep Backyard Stuff-Ups, that discusses hidden costs and oft-forgotten regulations, to ensure your new backyard is built to last without breaking the bank. Topics like the material and fixing methods of a deck, council approval for a cubby house, sorts of retaining walls, best and safest location for a fire pit, advices for bench tops and BBQs in your outdoor kitchen, pool safety and much more are highlighted in detail.

Winter is breaking and warmer days are getting closer. It’s usually about now that we start to daydream about getting outside for some sun and fresh air. Whether your outdoor space is for entertaining or for kids to run amok in, there’s no better time to put your mind to improving your backyard. Here are a few things to consider before you begin, that will help you to avoid hidden costs and hassles down the track. Read the full article at HOUZZ.

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