Bike racks

Bike racks

If you’re a cycling enthusiast or sharing your home with a cycle-mad housemate, partner or teenager you need a storage solution. You can put up bike racks it in your garage or shed, like we have presented in this post.

However, if you don’t have a garage or shed, storing your bicycle at home means bringing it inside. With a little creative thinking, your bicycle can be safely positioned out of the way and look incredibly cool at the same time. Check out our 3 outstanding examples for bike racks.

For the design conscious biker

Bikerax was created for the design conscious. It not only holds your bikes but it looks like a piece of contemporary furniture that should be inside, not hidden in the garage or tucked away in the spare room. The compact design means it is light in weight for posting or transporting to your next cycling event, and squeeze into the smallest of spaces. It is designed for indoor use, or outside use in a dry protected position. Suitable for an apartment or balcony with some overhead protection.

From concept to completion, every step of the product has been designed, created and produced by Australian locals who have a love for bikes and bike riding. The Bikerax bike racks are made from sustainable timber right in Melbourne and comes in different sizes, wether you just have one big or up to five. You can even add a Kid conversion kit for one kid or BMX bike.

For the minimalist biker

When it comes to a modern industrial look with concrete walls, a bike can become a fitting artwork. Bike racks that holds a bike at 90 degrees to the wall can work perfectly well in the right position and safes much needed space.

SteadyRack, a Western Australian company, has revolutionised bike storage. Their racks save more space whilst allowing users to easily load and unload their bikes, addressing the two most challenging issues when sourcing a suitable bike rack. The SteadyRack can be rotated while in use to allow easier access to adjacent bikes, and the rack is collapsable when not in use to allow greater open space. The SteadyRack can be installed individually or in large clusters for maximum space efficiency. The racks are designed for ease of use and are best suited for indoor or covered areas.

Thinking about getting a SteadyRack? Purchase via Cora Bikerack and actively support the environment. Cora is an active bikeTREES partner, so 1 tree will be planted in Australia for every order.


For the male bike lover

Another indoor bike rack combines “modern chic” and “classic natural”. The Make Bike Rack, product of the Montreal (Canada) based design group Make, comes with an unpresumptuous shape and clean design. Mostly, the bike rack shows off what it isn’t: there’s no glaring gunmetal, no gimmicky “bookshelf” or “helmet/bell/random small device container” tacked on. In getting your ride’s handlebars far enough away from the wall, there’s an inherent flat space that could hold whatever you want to put there, or nothing at all; solid walnut or maple is plain enough for a wall apparatus; small bronze screw caps hide mounting screws and provide the only semblance of “flash”.

We would love to hear what your favourite bike racks are.

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