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3 Storage Solutions for the Eclectic, Retro and Design Garden


Wondering where to stow away your garden tools, bikes, bins or toys?

There are a lot of things we have to have, we love to use, we can’t miss, but we actually don’t want to see in our outdoor space. These stylish storage solutions will house your stuff and help to keep your garden clutter-free.

wood-stacker-berry-rev-522x600Stylish Firewood Keep

An outdoor fireplace is so on trend, it would be a shame not to find a way to make a feature of the firewood that goes along with it.
The Unearthed Wood Stacker is firewood storage to satisfy the organiser within. Made of Mild Steel and perfectly round, with a diameter of 1800mm and 400mm of girth, it’s as sturdy as it is stunning. Mounted on an outside wall structure the wood can benefit from an airing but at the same time be stored up and away from a damp ground. With 4-open areas, you can sort and stack for function or aesthetic.




fourdoorshedDIY Retro Tool Shed

Nostalgic feelings are stirring up when you look at this DIY tool shed made with four doors as the sides. This little shed is a great way to protect your garden tools and recycle some old doors that would otherwise become landfill. You could even store the kids’ outdoor toys in it.
Check out this website to get a complete material and tool list as well as step-by-step introductions including pictures on how to build this little shed. 


bikebin-storageMultipurpose Garden Storage

Simple but stylish, the “Shack Up” Bike Store by Hemingway Design is the ideal choice for modern home owners. Manufactured in the UK using top quality sustainable timber, the store is large enough for you bike, trash bins or other bulky items. The separate compartments on the doors are for all your biking essentials, garden tools and other equipment that needs to be stored away.
To fit the shed perfectly into your garden design choose a colour that matches the rest of our outdoor space.




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