Landscape design trends 2014

The Top 3 Garden Design Trends 2014 So Far…

Number 1 – Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens are the perfect compliment to garden areas which afford only minimal space.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal vertical gardens offer form and function to your garden and generally are self watering, can be any custom size or shape and are very low maintenance.

Sydney’s climate means you’ve a plethora of plant and flower choices available with many native Australian plants perfect for a vertical space. Of note, is the beautiful native Hoya Australis – A climber plant, hoyas have glossy leaves and long-lasting, waxy flowers in white or pink.
If you’re wanting a spectacular lush green courtyard or garden for your small backyard but lack the necessary space, vertical gardens provide the perfect visual trick.  Contact Growing Rooms for more vertical garden ideas.

Number 2 – Speciality Landscape Lighting


There are numerous benefits to landscape lighting: security, usability, beauty, creating ambience, adding value.  However, we are seeing more and more people looking to use landscape lighting as a design feature.

Energy-efficient, low-heat LED lights are taking over from halogen lights. The use of LED lighting under floating garden steps can create a stunning feature in the garden.

The big breakthrough is that warm, white lights have been developed to succeed the original cold, commercial whites.  This can create ambience in an outdoor entertaining area where exterior swivel spots and vertical lighting can be used  to create the right mood, and then practical task lighting can be installed for the grill area.

For a contemporary look we’ve seen under lights used under concrete blocks to create a ‘floating’ element.

The effects that can be achieved are quite astounding.

Number 3 – Vegetable Gardens


People today are a lot more concerned with ethical, sustainable food production.  It’s no surprise then that edible gardening has become increasingly popular. It saves money, saves the planet and satisfies our epicurean appetites.   The fact that garden to table is often less than 10 minutes is a huge pull for a number of our clients.  It is also a huge pull for those with families as it provides a link to children being more adventurous with food.

Many of our clients do not have the time to sustain a full-on vegetable garden, so we have been including “edible areas” as a design feature.  Herbs, salad leaves, chilli plants, all create useful, easy care areas.   Aside from the delicious aspect of such design features, having to take care of these areas is highly advantageous as gardening is know for its therapeutic benefits in combating stress.

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