Top 3 Garden Design Trends of 2015

A stylish garden need not sacrifice usefulness. We’re predicting these 10 design trends—including native plants, sturdy accessories, and dramatic paint and stain colors—will improve any garden this year:


A black backdrop is the perfect foil for green (and any color flower). Black paint (or stain) is an inexpensive way to instantly create drama.


Painted house numbers won’t warp, rust, bund, chip, crack, or break. Also they cost nothing (chances are you still have a bit of leftover paint from the last time you painted the house trim), which could go a long way toward explaining why we are spying this environmentally friendly design trend more often.


Are microgreens the new chia pet? Whether you sow a single container of microgreens or designate an entire section of your edible garden to the endeavor, you’ll be on trend for 2015. The tiny sprouts are quick to grow (they take less than two weeks to go from seed to table), packed with nutrition, and adorable. Just shear and eat.

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