Pools that move (us)

We from Growing Rooms love pools, wether for cooling off in the hot Sydney summer, for entertaining friends and family or a splash pool for the little ones. Pools are always awesome. And some pools are just stunning. Like this movable pool floors/ covers that give you more space in your garden by hiding the pool when not needed. The disappearing pool is also a good safety feature. Check out our 3 favourites.

1. AGOR Engineering is an Israel based company specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of moveable swimming pool floors.

Check out AGOR Engineering for more remarkable movable swimming pool floors.

2. Akvo Spiralift movable floor solution is another great way to create a multipurpose pool and living space ideally suited to modern living.

If you want to know more about this amazing movable pool floors then have a look on the AVKO website. There the technology behind this breathtaking pools is described very detailed.

3. Twinscape is an UK based company focusing primarily on the concept, design and custom manufacture of complex systems for covering and dividing swimming pools. They do the up and downward moving pool floors as well as such movable flower beds. Installing a movable flower bed over the pool, which can retract under the terrace when the pool is in use, means that the view of the garden is undisturbed by the swimming pool. It also doubles as a swimming pool cover.


For more inspiring pool ideas check the Twinscape website.

If you are planing to pimp your garden with a pool, we would love to help with the design, planing and construction. Please get in touch with our team today.


  • 23/09/2021


    Hi, can you help with a quote for an AGOR engineering plunge pool? Measuring c2.5m X 1m and c0.8-1m deep?

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