Tropical Tranquillity – A Luxurious Sanctuary

Tropical Tranquillity – A Luxurious Sanctuary

Our landscape design project in Dover Heights aims to elevate the exterior spaces of the property, introducing an in-ground pool, pool cabana, and lush vegetation. The objective was to craft an inviting front garden while establishing a visually captivating and functional side passageway.

Rear Gardens:
Central to the rear gardens of Tropical Tranquillity – A Luxurious Sanctuary are the in-ground pool and pool cabana, catering to the homeowners’ teenagers who eagerly anticipate a space to entertain friends. The pool area promises a luxurious retreat with designated lounging zones for relaxation, sunbathing, and socializing. Additionally, the cabana features convenient bathroom and kitchen facilities, complemented by a BBQ area for outdoor dining. Steps leading from the house are reimagined to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Lush plantings offer privacy and aesthetic appeal, carefully selected to thrive in Sydney’s climate with minimal maintenance, while ethically sourced materials ensure harmony with the overall design.

Front Garden:
Our design for the front garden focuses on creating an inviting approach to the front door and enhancing the property’s street presence. Installation of a translucent fence, glass-covered gate-house, and modern gates, along with an electrical sectional lift garage door, not only enhances security but also elevates the aesthetic appeal. The lush garden design seamlessly integrates with the architectural style of the house, welcoming visitors to Tropical Tranquillity – A Luxurious Sanctuary with its charm.

Side Passageway:
The side passageway serves as a link between the front and rear gardens, accentuated by arbors framing the entry to the house, creating a sense of transition. Functionality is paramount, ensuring ease of movement and exquisite lighting to enhance the pathway’s allure.

Thoughtfully positioned outdoor lighting enriches the ambiance and safety of the outdoor areas, carefully selected to harmonize with the oceanfront proximity. Various LED lighting fixtures, including pathway lights, spotlights, and ambient lighting, contribute to a visually appealing and functional environment.


GOLD AWARD: 2023 The Landscape Excellence Awards – Residential Design over 200sqm

GOLD AWARD: 2023 The Landscape Excellence Awards – Residential Construction over $600K