“Bellevue Hill” Garden Design – Multifunctional Family Retreat


The owners of this fantastic Belleview Hill property, designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects, wanted outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy. The brief was to improve the link between all areas of the garden and improve the flow throughout the property.

The existing kidney shaped pool was retained, providing an opportunity to follow the curves, guiding you down the sweeping stairs to the lower level and fire pit area. Sydney sandstone laid in a mix of styles wraps around you as you enjoy this secluded ‘nook’ to warm the cockles around the fire pit. We were able to take advantage of the steep gradient to tier the garden beds, offering a close up view of the plants as they to follow you down to the lower level.

The planting scheme combines a range of styles to create a dynamic mix of contrasting colours and textures throughout. The Growing Rooms team installed ‘Slender Weaver’ bamboo for screening along the rear boundary with diverse layered planting in the foreground. Different shades of blue, green and grey move around the property interlinking each garden bed and level change.

The front garden presents a change of scenery, with the limited light levels creating the perfect habitat for shade loving tropicals. Acer palmatum creates a textural contrast against the bold leaves of Spathiphyllum ‘Sensation’ and Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’ whilst providing a focal point as you open the front door.

The elevated westerly aspect gives a truly magnificent outlook over city, especially during the evening hours. The city lights twinkle away in the background while the garden lighting pays particular attention to the feature plants, in particular the stars of the show, the Draceana draco’s.

The result – ‘Another stunning and functional Sydney landscape, tailor made to our client’s needs’

completed on time!
  • difficult site access
  • multi level landscape
  • dynamic planting scheme




  • Jess says:


    I was wondering what that type of fencing is called? It’s like ‘Pallisade’ but without the spikes. I’m in Perth and would like to use it out the front of my place.

    • Oliver Sizeland says:

      Hi Jess,
      the fence was bespoke, custom made by a metal fabricator and then installed by our team on site. The best way for you is to find a metal fabricator in your area and show him the pictures.
      Good luck with your project
      The Growing Rooms team

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