Garden Trend: Outdoor Lightning

There are a lot of good reasons for well-designed outdoor lightning. It makes structures safe, enhances the look of the house and garden as well as it creates a pleasant environment outdoors for cooking and entertaining.



Lights at steps, stairs, pathways, and changes of level provide a complete feeling of safety. They also lead and entice people to wander and discover the garden. Avoid glare or blinding lights shining into people’s eyes as they move.

    Tip 1: As with any lighting or electrical work, safety considerations should be addressed upfront. Therefore always use fixtures designed for outdoor use, to make sure they are waterproof. Have cables and connectors laid by a professional.



To increase your enjoyment of the garden install lighting at your entertainment and BBQ area. For long nights full of food and joy think about dimmer switches: they ensure that you have bright task lighting for cooking which can be lowered for a soothing atmosphere at dining time.

    Tip 2: Use energy-efficient LED technology to reduce power consumption, benefiting not only the environment but also your wallet. LED did not get hot and need low maintenance.



With lighting, you can draw the eye to focal points in your garden. Uplights at plants and trees make the space seem larger and add to the appeal of the garden. Silhouetting and shadow effects are instilling a mysterious feeling. Add some magic to water features by submersible lighting. Lightning the pool turns it into a dramatic nighttime attraction with a safety aspect.

    Tip 3: Try to resist lighting the entire garden – spacing lights to leave mysterious pools of darkness between them gives a more natural feel.

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Tell us about your favourite outdoor lighting ideas!

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