How To Drought Proof Your Lawn This Summer

How To Drought Proof Your Lawn This Summer

With Sydney’s hottest summer on record, it seems impossible to keep your lawn looking a healthy lush green.
Lawn Green is the number one company when people really need assistance in their garden and want to turn their tired old grass into Lush Green Lawn. The lawn professionals from Lawn Green shared some expert tips on how to drought proof your lawn this summer.

“Heavy but infrequent watering is the key”

Homeowners & Landscapers need to understand that watering every second day for 10 minutes is wasteful and doesn’t help the grass become drought hardy.
Instead, the grass benefits from Heavy but Infrequent Watering.
With heavy watering, the water can seep into the roots as far as 15 to 20 centimetres deep. Also, as the top layer of soil dries out, it becomes difficult for weed seeds to germinate.

 So the CORRECT Watering Program should be as follows:

  • NIL Water in Winter – it is cold so the ground stays wet enough through winter, besides we don’t need to encourage lawn disease problems
  • Once Fortnightly in Spring & Autumn for 1 hour (each zone)
  • Once or Twice Weekly for 1 hour in Summer (depending on rain)

 Other tips:

  • Be mindful not to over water as you can kill the grass with oxygen deprivation
  • If the soil is hydrophobic, you can get a good wetting agent like Wettasoil from your local hardware store. Wetting agents help lubricate the soil, improve water retention and penetration.
  • Water in the early morning, not at night, to give the grass a chance to dry out, as this will help prevent disease & fungus.

For more expert tips check out the Lawn Green website.
Please get in contact with us to get your free maintenance consultation with our garden maintenance experts.

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