Randwick – Front Garden Design

Randwick – no longer lead up the garden path

The owners of this beautiful Randwick property were facing a rather uncommon problem: Newcomers approaching the property were confused and lead to the wrong entry door. The priority objective for the Growing Rooms team was to create a clear and welcoming entryway.

New concrete and retaining walls constitute the formal setting including strong geometric lines of the new front yard design. Marble tiles provide an elegant look. The new front fence and motorized gate give an important and neat outline to the front yard. The permeable pebble driveway adds contrasts of texture and colour.

The pathways are framed with formal planting, the white flowers and textural foliage provide a harmonious blend and compliment the house colour. Sculptural feature pots add extra interest to the straight-lined walkways.

For night arrivals, garden lighting guides guests to the entry door.

The new front garden now enhances the entrance experience and leads all guests to the right door, where Aaron and Victoria are happy to welcome them.